NGL Energy Liquids Logistics

Operations Overview

Liquids Logistics segment conducts marketing operations for natural gas liquids, refined petroleum products and biodiesel to a broad range of commercial, retail and industrial customers across the United States and Canada. These operations are conducted through our company-owned terminals, other third party storage and terminal facilities, common carrier pipelines and our extensive fleet of leased railcars.

For more information on NGL’s Liquids Wholesale business, please visit: NGL Supply Wholesale, LLC

For more information on NGL’s Refined Products Marketing business, please visit: NGL Refined Products Marketing

For more information on NGL’s LPG marketing and logistics entity, please visit: Centennial Energy, LLC.

Asset Overview

Liquids Logistics

  • 28 Liquids terminals
  • One import/export facility capable of exporting over 15kbpd of butane
  • Approximately 2.5 million barrels of leased storage
  • ~5,100 owned and leased railcars
  • Sales from over 150 terminals in 30 states
  • Rack sales through common carrier pipeline terminals

West Memphis, AR NGL Wholesale Liquids Terminal

NGL Liquids Logistics

Elise Maskell

President – Centennial Energy