NGL Energy Liquids

Operations Overview

The Liquids segment supplies natural gas liquids to retailers, wholesalers, refiners, and petrochemical plants throughout the United States and in Canada. Using its leased underground storage and fleet of leased railcars, the Liquids segment markets regionally through its owned terminals throughout the United States. The Liquids segment also provides terminaling and storage services at its salt dome storage facility in Utah.
For more information on NGL’s Liquids Wholesale business, please visit: NGL Supply Wholesale, LLC

Asset Overview

(as of 9-30-2018)

Liquids Assets

  • 19 Liquids terminals
  • Approximately 2.8 million barrels of leased underground storage, 0.35 million barrels of above ground storage
  • Sawtooth Caverns – 5 Caverns with ~6.1 million barrels of butane and propane storage capacity in Utah. For more information on NGL’s Sawtooth Caverns, please visit: Sawtooth Caverns
  • ~4,300 leased railcars

West Memphis, TN NGL Wholesale Liquids Terminal

NGL Liquids Management


Jack Eberhardt

Executive Vice President – NGL Liquids