Jack_Eberhardt Headshot 2017
Mr. Eberhardt currently oversees the Natural Gas Liquids business of NGL which includes Centennial Energy. Mr. Eberhardt began his career at Vessels Oil & Gas, where he served as a Marketing Representative. While at Vessels, Mr. Eberhardt developed new propane markets along the Front Range and in Wyoming. From 1995 to 1997, Mr. Eberhardt served as Supply Manager for Total Petroleum, handling NGL feedstock for Total’s five United States refineries. Mr. Eberhardt joined Centennial Gas Liquids, now Centennial Energy, in 1997, where he served as a Marketing and Business Development Director. In addition to Mr. Eberhardt’s responsibilities overseeing the NGL group, he has focused on expanding Centennial’s business in the Eastern United States. Mr. Eberhardt received his B.A. from Regis University.