Don_Robinson Headshot 2017Don Robinson brings thirty years of experience in supply and marketing knowledge to the oil industry.   Since 1990, his experience has been applied managing crude related business operations, trading, and logistics for south Louisiana.  Mr. Robinson currently serves as the Senior Vice President of NGL Crude Oil Logistics where he is responsible for all crude oil supply and marketing and integrating the previous Gavilon, LLC and High Sierra Energy operations.  Mr. Robinson launched his career in 1985 in Operations and Accounting with Challenger Petroleum, a subsidiary of Coastal Corp.  He shifted in 1990 to Geonet Gathering as one of three Principal Partners, serving as VP of the marketing/supply crude oil group for South Louisiana.  He remained in 2001 when Geonet was purchased by Williams Co. and again in 2003 when Williams sold their South Louisiana crude business to SemGroup.   Mr. Robinson again served as VP with SemGroup, but in 2006 SemGroup sold their South Louisiana crude business to Plains All American Pipeline where he was retained as a consultant.  In 2010, he implemented a Crude Oil Gathering business for Gavilon alongside an exclusive group of seasoned professionals until December 2013 when Gavilon’s crude oil business was acquired by NGL EP.  Mr. Robinson holds a BBA from Mississippi State University and a BS in accounting from University of Houston.